2011-06-05 51 4

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Sun 5 Jun 2011 in 51,4:
51.7780229, 4.2528492
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500 meters off a dike across the grass.



Mampfred and LadyBB have been on a little tour in the Netherlands and although the hashes in the last couple of days were too far away or in the sea, we finally got one along the way back to germany. If the two (non-hashing) passengers agree, we'll have a go at it.


The passengers agreed and we set off around noon. We programmed the navigation system with the closest road we could find and tried to explain to our passangers why we're doing what we're doing here and that it's adventure, great fun and all.

Little did we know that our navigation system neglected to inform us that we'd have to cross a river by boat to get to the hash. We only noticed when we had to suddenly turn left and rather than a road there was a ferry picking up cars on the other side of the river. Apparently it's calles the Queen Jacqueline. Now that' spontaneous adventuring for you :)

We took the ferry (car + four people costs 3,05 € ... no idea how that price works out) and soon after arrived at the dike from where we wanted to reach the hash.

Parked the car and started climbing a little fence and walking towards the hash across some meadows. We got to about half the way (~250 meters) when we heard a wistle from the dike and saw a man standing there waving at us. We didn't want to upset the locals so we headed back and heard him out. We was a very friendly chap and explained that we unknowingly entered a bird conservation zone for the white-tailed eagle and should probably better stay on the dike. We could come back in july though if we still wanted to visit "the spot" that Mampfred insisted on getting to.

We politely thanked the man and decided to give up. Unfortunately we didn't spot the eagle either or we'd have tried to pursue him to fly over the hash and get the hash by proxy instead ;)

Well played 51,4, well played. We'll be back someday.


After the "whisteling-man-episode" we got too distracted to take any more photos :(