2011-07-21 42 -71

From Geohashing
Thu 21 Jul 2011 in 42,-71:
42.6352671, -71.2756540

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In the back of a public looking ball field in Lowell, Mass



Jim was thinking about this hashpoint, but ended up with too many other things going on during his day.

It might be a reasonable Retro expedition, though.


I drove up and found the hashpoint in the woods behind the field.

It turned out to be near a sports complex that had a number of different outdoor sports fields. They all had fences around them, and they all appeared to be closed up. I wandered around for a while trying to find my way close to the softball/baseball field that I thought I needed to be close to, but I couldn't manage to get there. However, after stopping at a WiFi hotspot I happened to find, I managed to realize that the white building near the field was a ice skating rink that was looking like it had been abandoned. I parked in the parking lot, and with some more wandering managed to find my way into the correct section of woods, and then to the hashpoint.

I took a few pictures, and then returned to the car. I came home via a different route in an attempt to avoid the road construction I found on the way to the hashpoint, but it was much longer, so I doubt I saved any time.


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