2012-06-30 53 6

From Geohashing
Sat 30 Jun 2012 in 53,6:
53.2420946, 6.6615016

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The hash is close to Groningen, where I live. It is in the middle of a canal.



I think I'll go there with a surf board and swimming clothes. I'm not sure how cold the water is. This should be fun! Too bad all the people I asked to join me have other plans for today.


Ok, that didn't work. The world was plotting against me.

First, when I had everything ready: wearing swimming pants, a bag with a towel, a camera, and warm clothes, and a laptop of course (for GPS), I received an e-mail from a friend: "we agreed to meet up today, but at what time?" Oops, I forgot about that. So I went to him instead of the hash. With my bag, and swimming pants. Just in case. But he didn't feel like joining.

In the evening, I went to a concert of a student choir (Gica). After that, there still was some time. I didn't have a surf board, but it was still very warm, so I thought I could perhaps go swimming. I asked Margriet, who was at the concert with me, and has been geohashing with me before, but she preferred sleeping.

I still thought about going, but remembered that there was a problem with my GPS. So I fixed that first. When I finally managed to fix it, I wanted to try it. But then my computer started to misbehave, and I lost the geohashing page. That was the only place where I had the hash coordinates, and I didn't have internet.

I then decided that instead of looking for internet, I would give up and go home. And then I remembered I actually had to do something, which took me until 1:30. So it was actually a good idea that I didn't go.

Well, better luck next time...


Shevek earned the conspiracy victim consolidation prize (gratuitous)
by being the victim of fate during the (53, 6) geohash on 2012-06-30.