2014-09-18 18 -70

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Thu 18 Sep 2014 in 18,-70:
18.3377254, -70.4500398

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In the dominician republic, almost on the highway 2 (please someone correct the previous) between Azua and Bani. It is in some middle of nowhere and in a virgin graticule as far as I know.


My girlfriend will pass this hash when she is taking the nearby highway. I asked her to download the geohashdroid app and go as near as possible. I'm not sure about how the proof will turn out, but I thought the planning of this expedition would be interesting at his own. - RecentlyChanged (talk) 12:19, 18 September 2014 (EDT)


She drove by on the highway next to the Hash. But: It was dark as a night can get away from any city at all and it was slightly different to explain to he companions why she should come to an halt on such a place. If she would have known where she is... as many of us surely can understand, she got difficulties to get her gps (hashdroid) working. We all had our problems on the first few hashes (at least I had!). So I would not dare to blame her. Still without any proof or pictures (darkness, unknown location) I would like to count this as her first expedition. I hope there are more to come. -RecentlyChanged (talk)