2015-12-15 52 9

From Geohashing
Tue 15 Dec 2015 in Hannover:
52.3961503, 9.7035291

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The Geohash is located in a community garden in Hannover-Herrenhausen.



Since the coordinates are inside a community garden, I knew that I must be very careful. These guys are crazy about their gardens, so I told myself that I wouldn't enter any locked areas or do any other climbing-over-fences activities.

On Google Maps it looked unlikely that the coordinates would be accessable, it actually looked like it was in a hut or something. But since the coordinates were so close to me, I didn't want to waste a good chance. Additionally, I wanted to make this a Midnight Geohash.


I left at 23:20 and rode my bike to the entrance of the garden. The main gate wasn't locked, so I entered. I went a while down the path until I got to a dead end, a wall that was blocking my way. I could have got around it, but I would have to break into an individual garden to do so, so I didn't do that.

Next, I tried an entry at another road. (See the screenshot below.) Unfortunately, there were only gates to individual gardens on that road, which were locked. This actually was as far as I have thought and I didn't have any further plan. However, as I looked at the map, I noticed that there might be a chance of getting to the coordinates from the north, going next to the train tracks bordering the garden.

So I went back to the first gate, and a few meters to the left, there was a second gate that wasn't locked. I entered and went along the way. On my left were (with some distance, I wasn't walking directly next to them) the train tracks, on my right the some bushes bordering the garden. At some point, I came to a spot were I could see the wall, and this time could walk past it. However, there were bushes in my way and I couldn't get any closer. I went a little further and tried another spot, but that didn't help either. There probably also would be a fence behind the bushes, so I didn't really try to get past them.

The closest I got was, both at the wall and at the bushes, about 12 meters, with the proof showing 16 meters.



Fippe earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (12m) reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2015-12-15.
2015-12-15 52 09 02 Wall.jpg