2020-07-31 51 6

From Geohashing
Fri 31 Jul 2020 in 51,6:
51.3069398, 6.6326234

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Inside a house not far from the Autobahn near Krefeld.



Vacatoin time! The hash is pretty close to the Autobahn we're going along to reach our holiday destination so even though it looks like it's inside a house we'lll probably swing by.


Pretty much as planned, we even got some dragalongs because we drove along with two cars.

However, the hash was indeed inside the house, we couldn't get closer thn about 7 meters. Even though hash-droid called it a success, it doesn't feel close enough so we're gonna call this a not reached.

Maybe we could have tried ringing teh door bell but it was a very quite neighborhood in the middle if the day and it didnÄt quite feel right.

Better luck next time.