2020-11-02 -23 -46

From Geohashing
Mon 2 Nov 2020 in -23,-46:
-23.4945796, -46.6155105
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Near the Jardim São Paulo Subway station, on the north of São Paulo city.



This is under 600 meters from my home. It was inside a house, so unreacheable, but it's worth passing by anyway.


I do very few geohashes, most of those being retro. So never bothered logging them. But today was my first vacation day, this was very close, and I'd be going out for groceries anyway. So I decided to go there, even tough it clearly would be inside a house and I'd be a few meters out. Instead of going through the park and hanging out for a while, I made a longer route to the groceries store, walking by the street where the hash was located. As I believed, it fell inside a house, about 15 meters away from the street. The house seemed empty and actually had a "For Sale" sign, but was not open for visiting... Thus, the best I got was a 13 meters reading. This location means it would qualify to a Couch Potato honorable mention and a Déjà Vu honorable mention, as I passed this street many times from the subway station (it's not the closest one, but I use it if I have to shop or visit someone in that area on my way home). But since it's a routine location for me, I've never actually recorded proof of being there...