2021-04-02 50 8

From Geohashing
Fri 2 Apr 2021 in 50,8:
50.1377595, 8.4736326

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Next to some sort of fishing pond near Kelkheim.



We have the friday off, the sun should come out after lunch, let's go hashing.


Beautiful day, lots of peopple out there which we didn't like much. Ah well.

The hash was right at the edge of what seems to be some sort of fishing pond, unfortunately it was fenced with some rather foolish warning signs ("Government-authorized automatic firing system" ... right, that's a thing in germany) despite it being completely run down and overgrown. End result: coordinates not reached.

We went for some mystery geocaches instead and found both of them before heading back home. On the way back we even stumbled over one of those pop-up icecream carts and had a lovely icecream in the sun. Total expedition time ~ three hours.