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Mon 3 May 2021 in 53,10:
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in the garden of a fancy apartment building on a fluvial island in Hamburg-Alsterdorf



I didn't know whether I wanted to go for this one because it was obviously inaccessible, but in the afternoon I reminded myself of my commitment to visit every hash that takes less than 2 hours if I can make the time, and this one was around 1:50 h. So instead of watching a film during my learning break, I took three trains to Alsterdorf and then cycled 1.1 km to the hash. It lay in a garden on on an island between the Alster and the Skagerrakkanal, a pretty wide artificial side channel of the Alster. From the map, I had thought the house next to the garden to be some huge private estate, but it turned out to be a very fancy irregular apartment building. My hopes to reach the hash rose as I saw a path lead directly to the garden beside the house, but only 10 m from the garden and 18 m from the hashpoint, a chain with the words "Kein Durchgang" (No access) hung across it. Although the garden was probably communal, and I wouldn't've had to venture far into it, I didn't dare intrude (or break the Geohashing rules). So I took some pictures of the house and garden (sadly I couldn't see the hash because it lay slightly to the side) and then cycled back to the station and took the trains home.


will follow shortly (7 pictures)


No trespassing consolation prize