2021-06-03 38 -75

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Thu 3 Jun 2021 in 38,-75:
38.6030659, -75.4226646
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On a private path through the backwoods of an unincorporated community in Delaware.




I would've had a swell time on our family trip to Delaware regardless of whether or not I was able to get in a geohash. But when I saw that Thursday's spot was only 35 minutes away, I resolved to make time between kayaking and beaching for this most noble pursuit. My reconnaissance work on the spot revealed that it was right on a path cleared through the woods, but the street view showed a prominent "No Trespassing" sign by the trail. It wasn't likely that that sign would have been removed since the picture was taken, so I made sure to not get my hopes up too much.

My drive to the spot led me through a hellscape of strip malls and every chain restaurant/clothing store imaginable. Good ol' Americana for you. By the time I got to the rural road that I was looking for, I actually had found a pretty neck of the woods, but it was surprising the degree someone had gone to let people know that the woods on either side of the road, which from what I could tell didn't serve any purpose, were private. Driving down the road, I passed a No Trespassing sign every three seconds, and sure enough the sign I had noticed on Google Maps was still sitting right there by the start of the trail. Wouldn't you know it, the drizzle that had started on the ride there turned into a downpour almost as soon as I stepped out of the car. If it hadn't, I might have taken more time to get some good pictures, but the ones I got sufficed. It's a little disappointing that I couldn't reach the hash being so far away from home, but there's nothing I could do. Plus, I'm 5% of the way towards the Posted achievement now, which is a nice little milestone.



DMAJB earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (172.2 m) reaching the (38, -75) geohash on 2021-06-03.