2021-07-14 41 -73

From Geohashing
Wed 14 Jul 2021 in 41,-73:
41.5848421, -73.8305305

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On the front lawn of a stranger's property in East Fishkill, New York.




After a few weeks of very unfortuitous hash locations, today's spot was in a fantastically convenient spot: just five minutes away from the vet, who we had to bring my dog to in the morning after a gastrointestinal episode that practically destroyed my sister's bed. Luckily, the lil' pup seems to be doing much better already, which is a huge relief. So, after going to the vet we drove to today's geohash. Having looked it up online beforehand, I already knew that it was nearly on someone's front porch, so there was no way it would be accessible. Nevertheless, their house was right on the road, so after I pulled up by the house I took a minute to grab some screenshots and verify my location. As far as reaching the hash goes, this was as simple as expeditions get, even if it was ultimately unsuccessful. Oh well. One step closer to that ever-exalted Posted achievement. After that, we sped back home as quickly as possible so my sister could relieve her bladder and we could both escape the stench of my now-jolly but wretchedly pungent pup.



DMAJB earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (20.5 m) reaching the (41, -73) geohash on 2021-07-14.