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Ingaröfjärden, Stockholm


Roseen (talk)


This geohash lies in the archipelago of Stockholm, close to where I have a small boat moored. I just have to try to reach it!

It seems like I will be going alone, but if anyone in Stockholm is interested in going, you would be welcome!

The plan is to go by car from Stockholm City around 13:00. On Älgö, close to Saltsjöbaden, I'll get on the boat, and the trip from the mooring is just a couple of minutes. But I expect it to be cold!


Big failure!

The batteries in the boat did not have enough energy to start the motor in the cold. I got towed to my small cottage on the nearby island, where I put both batteries on charge. My hope was that they would be fully charged before midnight. Since it was less than 1000m to the geohash and in very familiar waters, I could do it easily even in the dark.

But alas, I had to charge them all night. The day after, I took the batteries back to the boat and tried to start, but still no success. I might be stuck here on the island until I fix it!



Everything was looking great from the start