2022-06-15 42 -78

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Wed 15 Jun 2022 in 42,-78:
42.6977082, -78.8266435
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Behind a house on Tasseff Terr off E. Eden Rd in Hamburg



Definitely didn't expect to be able to get to this one, but two days in a row where the hash landed pretty close to where I live, how could I not go?

It was a pretty hot day and I was stuck in planning meetings all day so the dogs didn't get to go out at lunch like they normally do. Myka has been not feeling the best, so after work, I just took Simon to the local park to play in the creek. He had fun running around and staying cool in the water. After getting back home, I fed them and got my bike ready to head the 1.6 miles (2.5 KM) to the hash.

It was pretty much just a straight shot South of where I live, and I was able to find the road with no trouble. Going to the end of the cul-de-sac, I pulled up on the sidewalk as close as I could on Public Property and grabbed a screenshot of the HashDroid app. I looked in the backyard as I rode away, but didn't want to take any pictures as this felt like an HOA neighborhood and I didn't want to freak out any 'Karens' in the area. Since it was just a short ride down, I figured I'd extend my ride a bit and continued heading south on the main road.

There were some hills and I'll admit they beat me up a little. I'm definitely out of riding shape, and realized I hadn't ridden to a Geohash in over a year. I guess I've changed my focus more toward hiking with the dogs and my GF. Plus, J just bought a house and I've been helping her out a lot with work over there, too. Ended up riding about 7 miles (11 KM) before turning around and heading for home. The plan is to try to get out more this year on my bike so we'll see how that goes.



Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (236 feet/72 meters) reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2022-06-15.