2022-06-23 51 4

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Thu 23 Jun 2022 in 51,4:
51.9707100, 4.3756767
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This hash is located on a railway line between Schiedam and Delft, The Netherlands. It is on the northbound track right on the left rail. About 10 passenger trains pass this hash every hour.


Blauwe BIC


Blauwe BIC

I had no plans and quite frankly, did not check the location of the hash the evening before (as I usually do) because I was working late. This almost never happens but it of course did happen the day the hash was located exactly on my daily morning commute to work. Therefore, this expedition does not count on the basis of lack of evidence, and earned me the Curse of Unawareness consolation prize.


Blauwe BIC

I took the 6:05 AM train from Rotterdam Central to The Hague Central and passed the hash at around 6:14 AM, cursefully unaware. I was even in a seat on the left side of the train, hovering above the left rail where the hash exactly was.

My work and evening plans did not allow enough time for a revisit the same day, by taking the same train line again.



Blauwe BIC


Blauwe BIC earned the Curse of Unawareness Consolation Prize
by reaching the (51, 4) geohash on 2022-06-23 without knowing it was there.