2023-01-21 48 2

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Sat 21 Jan 2023 in 48,2:
48.8451459, 2.4587795
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So, the hash is between Vincennes and Fontenay-Sous-Bois. Should be fairly easy to get to for anyone in Paris.

-- After going there --

It was in a restricted area: too close to the train tracks.


Hopefully I can get the other Paris geohashers to come, even though they don't seem to be active anymore. Will send a message their way. I'll bring board games.

-- After going there --

No one showed up (that I saw), except for me (AmeliaThe1st (talk)) and my dad.


I'll try to reach it after my climbing class. (Should have time: it ends at 14:45, meaning I've got 1h15 to get to the meeting).


Got out of my climbing class. My dad arrived (I gave him a meeting to my class, so we could go together). Got myself a cookie and we were off. We walked for about 3.5 kilometers, and we got there.

Sadly, though, the hashpoint was inside the restricted RATP (paris public transport) area, because it was too close to the traintracks. We tried to find someone to let us in, but we found no-one working there. So we went home, and snagged the coordinates from the train. Still too far, though.

Still got a grin photo in the train home, 'cause, it was fun. Still dissapointed though.