2023-03-06 -38 145

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Geohash 2023-03-06 -38 145 03 Corn.jpg
Mon 6 Mar 2023 in -38,145:
-38.1562407, 145.7492254
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In a cornfield, late at night, Longwarry South.



Matt took the train back home towards Moe after work in Melbourne. He got off the train at Garfield (presumably) and rode his bike towards the hash.

It looked like the fence was difficult to climb, but he managed it. Unfortunately, with 60m to go, he came across a mature corn field. The corn was packed so tightly together he didn't want to trample any to get to the hash.

After a bit of thought, it was determined that the hash was achievable, but at what cost? How much senseless destruction is needed to satisfy the geohashing gods? Let us put down our arms and make peace with the landscape and those who seek to feed us with its bounty.

The 2023 Victorian Geohash Streak was over.

Matt's partner Rhonda had met him with the car, driven from Moe, and took him the rest of the way home.