2024-05-30 52 7

From Geohashing
Thu 30 May 2024 in 52,7:
52.3826181, 7.9803301
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This Geohash is located on a meadow in Pente.



At noon, I took the train to Achmer and walked the rest of the distance.

At the site of the coordinates, I first tried approaching them via a path from the south-east. That however turned out to be a dead end. Next, I approached them on a path from the east, which got me really close. However, I was on the wrong side of a ditch and fence and ultimately did not reach the coordinates.

Afterwards, I walked to the Bramsche/Zentrum bus stop and took the bus back home to Osnabrück.




Fippe earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (3 m) reaching the (52, 7) geohash on 2024-05-30.
2024-05-30 52 7 04 Site.jpg