Bill Gates achievement

From Geohashing

Maybe you don't feel like going out on a particular day, and would much rather hit a Couch Potato Geohash. Maybe you want to impress the world with the most expensive geohash and lose (or perhaps make) a billion or two in the process. Maybe you want to prove that Randy Mother Nature Is Your Bitch while scoring a sex formal attire underwater geohash in your private lake during a thunderstorm. Or just to get revenge on former girlfriends.

Well, maybe you can.


First, you have to compute the date and Dow Jones opening quote that would place the hash where you want it. This amounts to computing a preimage of the md5 hash function, a fairly feasible task for your R&D lab. (To be precise, it only has to be a sub-preimage: one half of the bits in that hash are mostly concerned with pinpointing a particular atom in your couch. Nice leather, they say. Hydrogen or thallium tonight?)

Second, you have to use your vast financial empire to make sure Dow opens on that exact quote on that exact date. Since the opening quote depends on uncoordinated actions of thousands of brokers, you will have to pretty much corner the entire US blue chip market. Note: this is known as applied Geohash Hacking.

Third, you have to throw a gala party for all hashers worldwide. Your butler will take care of that.


Note that, since we usually don't condone illegal activities, hacking the NYSE network, while impressive, does not qualify you for the Bill Gates Achievement. Only multibillionaire geeks may apply.


Pre-announcing the anticipated location of the hash would be fairly convincing, but since it may influence the market opening and ruin your plans, we will accept a WSJ write-up, a tour of your R&D facilities and a free Lear Jet ride instead.


You are also expected to retain a designer to put the ribbon together. Come on, a few extra grand won't make a world of difference for you at this stage.