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This user earned the Endurance Geohashing Achievement
by geohashing for {{{numDays}}} consecutive days beginning on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]], attempting {{{numExped}}} and reaching {{{numReached}}} hashpoints.

You may add this ribbon to your user page and achievement pages when you reach your seventh or last day.

This geohash achievement's objective is, for a period of 7 or more days, to attempt to visit hashpoint/s each day and not visit home while doing this. And by meaning "not visit home" we mean camping, (or overnighting in a suitable place) near the geohash (which may be that five star hotel hit by the hash if you're lucky like that). You show up at a destination before midnight, document your visit and then set off camping at the site, or if that is not possible, in immediate vicinity. Who does this for seven or more days in a row, can call him/herself as an Endurance Geohasher.


  • You must attempt point/s each day but you don't have to reach all of them, just get as close as reasonably possible.
  • The daily geohash attempt/s need not be in the same graticule.
  • The accommodation rules are not as strict as the Camping Geohash, permitting any accommodation near the hashpoint/s other than your home.
  • An exception on the "no returning home" rule can be made in the unlikely event that your house is in fact a Geohash Point itself, qualifying you for the Couch Potato Achievement.

This is a very challenging achievement and not one that every geohasher is expected to or even able to complete. It goes without saying, that thorough preparations and documentation is necessary for achieving this merit! If you're about to camp in the wilderness, be careful and do it at your own risk!


The usual proof of each day's geohash is required, along with documentation of each campsite or other near-geohash accomodations. Anyone claiming this award is expected to document each day with sufficient thoroughness to demonstrate that the day was spent according to the rules of the award.

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Actual Endurance Geohashers

  • Michael5000, from 2011-09-14 to 2011-09-20, geohashed at least once every day without returning home, for a total of 14 Expeditions, 10 successful, spread over 12 graticules in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

Honorable Mentions

  • From 2011-07-15 to 2011-07-21, Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 spent seven days away from home. During this time, they attempted ten Expeditions, of which five were successful. Eight of the Expeditions were in locked graticules; of these, three were successful. However, they failed to launch an Expedition on Day Six of the trip, and thereby lost their chance at glory.
  • From 2022-05-07 to 2022-05-15, Fippe went on thirteen expeditions for nine consecutive days without returning home. However, he did not spend the nights near the coordinates, instead sleeping on his brother's couch in Berlin.