Kekerengu, New Zealand

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Kaikoura Kekerengu -42,175
Le Bons Bay -43,174 -43,175

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The Kekerengu graticule is at latitude -42, longitude 174. It is almost entirely covered by water. Due to the rarity of Land Geohashes in this graticule, if a hashpoint ever falls on land, it is recommended that a huge party be thrown, perhaps even if it can't be on the correct date.

Statistics and Facts

  • No hashpoint has ever fallen on land since the inauguration of Geohashing on 21 May 2008.
  • Of the 9,135.854 km² the graticule spans, only 0.777 km² (0.0085%) is land. The remaining 9,135.077 km² (99.9915%) is water.
  • On average, a hashpoint can be expected to fall on land once every 32.2 years. By the same token, Saturday meetups would occur every 225.5 years (or about 4.44 times per millennium).
  • The graticule contains approximately 1.7 km of State Highway NZ SH1.png, its only major road, and one of only three roads in the graticule (the others being Kekerengu Rd and Sunrise Pl).

Notable Dates

Since 1 October 1928 (the earliest date for which Dow data is available), a hashpoint has fallen on land only three times:

There was also a "near miss" on Saturday 18 February 1984, roughly 20 m offshore. This is the closest this graticule has ever been to having a land-based Saturday meetup point. It is also interesting to note that this was only eight days after a hashpoint actually did strike land.

Note: These are calculated using pre-30W rules.


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