Phonebooth stuffing achievement

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This user earned the Phonebooth stuffing achievement
by helping stuff a phonebooth near the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

If by some chance there is a phonebooth near your geohash, this achievement can be obtained by stuffing it with multiple geohashers.

A tip: Backpacks and electronic gadgets should be set down nearby, as they take up space and nobody likes to be poked by sharp angles while stuffing a phone booth.


  • 2008-06-28 47 -122 Seattle geohash stuffed 8 members into an antique phone booth. We were working on a ninth, when we were asked not to do that anymore.
  • 2011-03-20 49 8 Five geohashers in a 49 8 phonebooth