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Caution: Big Game hunting occurs during Fall and Early Winter in the US and extra precaution should be taken when hashing in Public Forested areas. Check out your State's website for dates of your local seasons. If you do come across a hunter, wave, whistle or say something to insure that you know they see you and move out of that area. Click for more notes.


Simply add {{Hunting Season}} to any page to include the above disclaimer.


If you come across a hunter it's important that they know you are there. They may give you a dirty look for being there, but you will not disturb the area too much and about 15 minutes after you are gone, things will be back to the way it was.

Responsible hunters know their target and what is down-range, but to be safe, wear bright colors and don't wear white(Deer), red or blue(Turkey) as those are distinct colors of possible quarry.