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Globalhash on Sun 28 Mar 2010:

 google osm crox

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{{ meetup global | date=2010-03-28 }}

Optional parameters: none.

This template is designed for GLOBALHASH "meetup pages", pages with names that look like "2010-03-28 global". For now, it contains a map of the globalhash graticule (although without a pin showing the globalhash itself) and category links. It may evolve to contain more useful information.

The map is automagically generated, based on the date parameter. No lat and lon parameters are needed as the globalhash is the same wherever you are.

It is to be hoped that at some point a pin showing the location of the globalhash can be placed onto the map. For now you'll have to make do with just the graticule as a whole. Watch this space.