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Wed 21 May 2008 in 37,-121:
37.1794680, -121.8615360

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{{meetup graticule
| lat=37
| lon=-121
| date=2005-05-21

Optional parameters:

| map=<map lat="37" lon="-121" date="2005-05-21" />
| graticule_name=London West
| graticule_link=London West, United Kingdom
| retro=1

This template is design for "meetup pages", pages with names that look like "2008-05-21 37 -121". For now, it contains a map, the date and graticule information, hashpoint coordinates and category links. It may evolve to contain other useful information.

If the map argument is supplied, that wikitext is included directly in the template. Otherwise, a map is automagically generated, based on the lat, lon, and date parameters.

If graticule_link is not provided, graticule_name will be used as link. If neither of them is provided, {{{lat}}},{{{lon}}} will be used, as almost all graticule pages have that as a "redirection page".

Retro meetup

The "retro" argument, when set to 1, excludes the meetup page from the Meetup on YYYY-MM-DD category and places it instead in Category:Retro meetup. This is to be used for retro expeditions such as the Origin geohash achievement. It also now forces the date to be displayed as text only, not as a link. This is so it does not show up as a red-link on your retro expeditions, inviting users to click on it and create an unwanted date page (since retros did not happen on their retro date).

Retro and real meetup

If you visit retro coordinates and there is already an expedition report, please don't add the retro argument as described above. Instead please add these categories to the expedition report as well as writing up your own expedition of course.

[[Category:Retro meetup‏‎]]
and either
[[Category:Retro coordinates reached‏‎]]
[[Category:Retro coordinates not reached]]