From Geohashing

I live and work in the Anchorage graticule (61, -149). Since the city of Anchorage is at the southwest edge of the Anchorage graticule, I may visit (61, -150) or (60, -149) instead if they're more accessible. I'm willing to drive out to the Valley if the site is accessible, but probability is not on our side.

I don't have a GPS unit yet, nor would I really know how to use one if it fell into my lap. Although I swung by the 5/21/08 and 6/4/08 sites (the only two sites in the city since publication), I can't verify that I reached the exact location (I should probably start carrying a camera too). Once I do, though, I'll try for something a little more off-road. Maybe not anything MNIMB-worthy just yet, but something more adventurous than the backside of an apartment complex.