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Hey! I live with Therese in the same apartment building as David in Lund, 20km north of Malmö.

Reached Geohashes

  • 2008-06-20 55 13 - Many points have been unreachable the last couple of days. Finally one that is reachable! Now that HannesL have new tires on his car, he and David went there.
  • 2008-06-07 55 13. Saturday's meet was here: Map lookup 55,13. Dan, HannesL, Jonas and Per went there. Not exactly 1600 hours, more like 1800 hours. It was a very nice location. Not a gravel pit as in the Aerial view on, more like a field. The three small lakes were there. Aerial view


Me in my not-so-discrete T-shirt, that I wish I dared to use more often...
HannesL 001.jpg
The dogs that will join us on most quests.
HannesL Dogs 001.jpg