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Hello everybody (or whoever reads this anyway)!
I am January First-of-May (not my real name of course, but my main username since at least 2009), and live in Moscow City, Russia (the part that's in the similarly-named graticule).
I've only geohashed once so far (well, ignoring that utter confusion of an expedition from October 27); and that was back in April. Which reminds me, I should better remember to put the photos there... what was I saying again? Oh, yeah, my geohash. It was funny. Also apparently the first geohash in Moscow (which is surprising as there's, like, ten million people here).
I also got seriously surprised when I found out that many land graticules in Russia (and a few in other countries) don't have pages even though they should have pages darn it! So here's my list of name suggestions (if you have any comments on any of these, put them either on that page or on its talk).
Oh, if there's any other thing that I should (or could) put on my user page, please tell me on the talk page, I'd love to get any ideas :-) (I probably won't do all of them, of course, but that depends on whether I get any).

Is it true that January First-of-May earned the Dark Ages achievement?
In principle, yes.
But he realized that the spot was familiar, and remembered that it wouldn't have public access, so the expedition didn't get beyond the planning stages (2019-09-18 55 37).
2019-09-18 55 37 shotgun map.png