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Add requests for date pages and their expedition and planning summaries to be updated at the bottom of this page.

Please Read This List Before Adding Entries!

  1. Requests should be a date, and only the date, in the YYYY-MM-DD form.
  2. All expeditions for the date will be detected and added to the date page.
  3. If the date appears on the Geohashing:Current events page, it will be updated every run and there is no need to add it here.
  4. One request per line.
  5. Please add requests to the end of the list.

How the bot works with the list of dates:

  1. The bot will select the first three dates from the list each time it makes a run.
  2. While the bot is processing dates, they will appear in bold.
  3. After the bot is done running, all dates updated in the run will be removed from all places they exist in the list.
  4. There will be some delay between when the dates are removed and the next dates are selected.
  5. The bot won't sort the dates in any way.