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Wed 25 Jun 2008 in 59,10:
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Located in the middle of Oslo, behind the Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke), along the basars. Several nice pubs and restaurants, as well as a few art shops is situated there. Unfortunately much of the area is fenced off as they are renovating the exterior of the church. But all businesses are open.


  • FluffyB
  • Enno was there from 17:15 to 18:00 and brought some people who were new to the idea.
  • Chimera was there around 16:05. Hung around for a few minutes and then went to the library.
  • hbrx Arrived by bike a few minutes before Enno, had a beer and continued on.

FluffyB's First Geohash

Will be trying to get there today and provide a pic. =)


There was too much glare from the GPS to get a proper picture with GPS and people a the same time. Nevertheless, these are the pictures we took, which should get us all at least a Pub achievement (Pub Geohash).