2008-09-19 -33 151

From Geohashing
Fri 19 Sep 2008 in -33,151:
-33.6187589, 151.3286772

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Under some trees adjacent to Etival St, Whale Beach on Sydney's far Northern Beaches.


All attendees earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-33, 151) geohash on 2008-09-19.
CJ 034.JPG
All attendees earned the Buccaneer Geohash Achievement
by finding treasure (Yaaarrrr!) at the (-33, 151) geohash on 2008-09-19.
CJ 033.JPG


Yaaarrrrr! It be a mighty fine day for a pirating expedition. The weather be fine and slightly hot (just under 30°C). The navigational charts showed that thar be treasure located close to the water at Whale Beach, and so it was time for a mighty expedition. Thy trusty vessel took me to the location, where I met a fine lass by the name of Kate. It appears she too was looking for the same treasure.

Together we fought our way through the vegetation, and located the area in which we thought the treasure should be. Aaaaarrrrr! The grass was long, but we found the pieces of eight, and left our mark. A mighty fine expedition for all!