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Murray Bridge, Australia.In a paddock to the south of the Monarto zoo, near Ferries-McDonald Conservation Park. Some lovely examples of the natural scrubland and wildlife of the area could be easily found.


UnwiseOwl at about 3pm, Kate had suggested that she might come, but maybe it was lucky that she didn't.

That was 'The Day That Was'

Well, it was looking like a bad weekend for Adelaide Geohashing, with not that many viable options. I was resigning myself to the concept of not hashing for the second weekend in a row (how would I live?) when Kate mentioned that she was planning to hit the Murray Bridge hash. It looked to me like a 600m walk , so into the car I jumped, and accompanied by the joyful sounds of some good old-fashioned Aussie cricket commentary proceeded to the hashpoint. Unfortunately, there was a gate where there wasn't supposed to be a gate (google maps has been lying to me...again), so I parked the car and proceeded the remaining 1.8kms on foot.

A nice walk down a nice little track, with a couple of pauses to examine the local wildlife, and I was there. Suddenly, a rather spontaneous compulsion came over me...

The whole business was made worse by the prickles, and by the fact that the hash point was visible for numerous kilometers in every direction, but since most of the nearby population are sheep, I'm not too worried. There goes any hope of me ever running for parliament, anyway.

What would possess me to do such an odd thing? Well, I can think of no explanation except that I come from Adelaide, the city with balls.

So, who else feels like joining in the geoflashing fun?

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