2008-11-15 46 -89

From Geohashing
Sat 15 Nov 2008 in 46,-89:
46.5220956, -89.1288515

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We started out at around 2 o'clock. It was around a hour and half trip. We don't know if we were early for the 4 o'clock meetup, because when we got there the geohash was right between the time zones. It was below freezing and a little snowy when we got there. It was also opening day. Orange vests speckled the woodland's arboreal heights. The actual hash was in a field and had some dilapidated out buildings around it. We went inside one and found all sorts of old tools like huge circular saw blades. We also found an old trunk in one building. it contained a large wasp nest. Fortunately, it was cold and the wasps were quite sessile in their brumal hibernations. We then spread out a heavy mil garbage bag and sat around and ate raisins and walnuts, chips, and an apple. It was dark when we got back.


Hurricane, Susan, Avery