2008-11-22 43 -89

From Geohashing
Sat 22 Nov 2008 in Madison:
43.4655210, -89.0221575

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Bill Minser and the Napping Toddler
World Travelling Sam


Sam, the baby and I ventured out into the wilds of Columbia County. The spot was easy to find - about 50 yards off a back road, just down the hill from the goat pen at a farm. The field had been harvested recently, so walking out into into it was no adventure. Except for the popping sounds all around and the little specks of blaze orange on every ridge and in every clump of trees. That's right. We walked out into a field in dark clothing on the first day of gun deer season in rural Wisconsin. I am happy to report no injuries. We planted a small "The internet was here" sign, but alas forgot the cameras. Is there a combat zone achievement?