2009-02-01 32 -111

From Geohashing
Sun 1 Feb 2009 in Casa Grande:
32.1038117, -111.3679656

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What a wonderful day for lingering in the open desert. Hiked about a mile to the location and encountered discarded backpacks, clothing and water jugs (very possible immigrant traffic), a wayward birthday balloon (formerly helium filled), a covey of quail, and a network of small animal trails. RoadRunner erected a monument at the site and we celebrated with wine and trail mix. Only thing missing was the camping hammock to string between the palo verde trees.

Hello all, Yes, Wyle liked this pregame sport. Interesting how it took 4 hours to do a 2 mile flat hike. And of course I didn't mind. Guess there's more things in a man's world than football. :) ~Roadrunner.