2009-03-08 51 12

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Sun 8 Mar 2009 in 51,12:
51.5792666, 12.9768719

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On a grey Sunday Manu and Reinhard decided to visit the about 30 miles far away geohash near Torgau. After lunch they started and reached Welsau easily by car. Parking the car in a dead-end street of the small village they tried to walk the last 500 meters of their way, accompanied by a cat which seemed to have the order to prevent the geohash by being cute and always running around the geohasher's feet. Nevertheless they followed their GPS device and reached the hash point at a meadow on a small hill. Taking photos of their stupid grins they enjoyed the panorama of fields and Torgau. Later Manu drove back to Leipzig, while Reinhard made the way back by bike through stormy rain.



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