2009-04-04 36 -77

From Geohashing
Sat 4 Apr 2009 in 36,-77:
36.3420643, -77.9893883

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We started out the day canoeing Little Fishing Creek in Medoc Mountain State Park to pick up trash along the creek and the canoe exit point. We got home about 1300 and cleaned up/dried off/rested before heading back out for the Saturday meetup.

We parked at Reedy Creek Baptist Church, about ½ mile/0.8km from the hash site. Unfortunately, we encountered dense briars enroute to the hash site and soon were cut and jabbed to be point of pain and bleeding. Coupled with the fact that the GPS battery dropped from 4 bars to 1 in 10 minutes, we elected to surrender.

We then geotrashed from the entrance point back to the church.


Eisen & Bear - NCBears

Geological Features

Located on hunting club land - access allowed for unarmed persons only. Geohash was located ~1/4 mile/0.4 km from dirt road, inside dense new growth pines and hardwoods.

Animal Encounters

Wildlife – Deer and turkey prints.

Farm animals – Goats, cows, horses, llamas, emus!!??


83.7°F/28.7°C, clear skies, winds variable 5+/-mph/8kph