2009-05-31 48 -122

From Geohashing
Sun 31 May 2009 in Bellingham:
48.9138364, -122.5325219

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Beside (hopefully) a farm on the Nooksack River


  • Elbie, iff she has enough results from the experiment she should be working on right now wanted to, but has to move instead.



  • 8:15 - leave UBC, bike to a 351 stop
  • 8:45ish - arrive at Broadway & Granville; the 351 comes at 9:09, 9:39, 10:09, 10:37
  • 10ish - arrive in White Rock, get off the 351
  • Have lunch? Bike from White Rock to the Peace Arch border crossing (bike south to 8 Ave, then take Hw-99 to the Peace Arch)
  • 11ish - arrive at the border and hope the wait won't be too bad. Let's hope for a two hour wait.
  • 13ish - take the I-5 to Peace Portal Drive, and follow that for about 10 km; then take the Birch Bay Lynden Rd for another 10 km. [1]
  • 14:30ish - Exit on Rathbone Rd, then follow GPS and any roads around.
  • 15ish - arrive at hashpoint
  • turn around and hope this route will work on the way back

To pack

  • passport
  • a good book to read while potentially waiting an hour or so to get my bike on the 351, and then at the border crossing
  • food & water for the day
  • cycling accessories
  • GPS, camera
  • maps of the area