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I said I had plans...


Colle Salario, Roma Italy. In the middle of a grass field, right next to a small patch of forest.



thepiguy was on vacation in Italy for the week. You know what that means: thepiguy's poor friend is forced to spend a part of her vacation tromping through the strange Italian wilderness instead of relaxing in Rome and eating gellato.

thepiguy and Jafo left Termini Station on the very colourful Roman subway. After reaching Tributina station they discovered that their second subway was in fact a train. No problem! They purchased their 0.90 euro ticket and rode all of three stops to the small community of Colle Salario.

Jafo was quick to confiscate the map from thepiguy and led them along their 15 minute walk to the edge of a small forest. It would appear, no matter how far thepiguy travelled, he was destined to crawl through prickly pokey forests to reach his geohash. He slowly led the way through the masses of thorn bushes and sharp branches hoping that Jafo would still talk to him by the end of the expedition.

The forest opened up to a rather hilly grass field and thepiguy marched 50 meters out to claim Rome in the name of Geohashers everywhere. Jafo stayed at the edge of the clearing as to better photograph the historic occasion.

They managed to find their way back to the road while thepiguy ate some very well travelled Nibs (Jafo declined), caught their train back to Rome, and made it back in time for dinner friendship intact!