2009-07-22 49 8

From Geohashing
Wed 22 Jul 2009 in 49,8:
49.7914814, 8.7330763
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Close to the village of Modau, at the edge of a wood.



Euterkuh and fivetonsofflax are planning to start in Heidelberg at 12:35 and be in Hoxhohl at 14:05. From there, we'll walk to the hashpoint and return to Brandau Feuerwehr, where we will take the bus back to Bensheim Station.


We got to Hoxhohl according to the plan, only slightly behind schedule and despite almost entering a bus that would have brought us to a place called 'Winterkasten Sanitarium'. Modautal is a very quiet area, lots of woods, some agriculture, small towns. For the main part of the bus ride, we were the only passengers.

We left Hoxhohl to the North and stayed on the country lane for a while, but since there was no sidewalk, we soon left it and tried to find a hiking trail that would bring us closer to the hashpoint. We encountered two billy goats that had broken out of their enclosure. Fivetonsofflax was a damned coward distrusted them and suggested to look for another path, but thanks to Euterkuh's courage, we found out they were gentle and enjoyed to be petted. They even followed us for a while, probably hoping for some sugar.

After having left them behind, we managed to approach the hashpoint in a reasonably straight way and reached it quickly, despite the hot weather. We entered the town of Modau afterwards and followed the country lane to Ernsthofen where we discovered a nice hiking trail that brought us straight to Brandau via Herchenrode. From Brandau, we took the bus back to Bensheim and from there the train back to Heidelberg.



Euterkuh earned the Velociraptor Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash for 2009-07-22 with highly visible raptor claw marks.
2009-07-22 49 8 19.JPG