2009-08-12 52 -1

From Geohashing
Wed 12 Aug 2009 in 52,-1:
52.9950059, -1.1369757

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Corner of a carpark off Mansfield Road.

CCTV potential

If anyone's going to this one, be sure to wave at the cctv camera on Valley Road / Mansfield Road. I'll be looking out for you! If you plan to go, please let us all know what time you'll be there, and if possible, hold up a big XKCD sign ...?! :)

Nottingham CCTV: Live traffic camera images

choose Mansfield Road in the first dropdown and then Valley Road / Mansfield Road in the second dropdown.

See also the recent webcam discussion!

Update on the CCTV situation

I've looked at the cctv this morning and unfortunately it does not cover the geohash point ... but it is quite close, and it is pointing in the right direction! I've drawn on a map the area that can be seen by the camera (see gallery below).

The actual camera i've now found out is Camera 18 and i reckon it might be mounted on the tall streetlight on little triangle at the junction of mansfield road and valley road. For the best chance of being seen, someone should stand on the pavement at the left side of Mansfield Road, just past the traffic lights, near where you see those three arrows on the road (two pointing straight ahead, one for the turn-right lane).

Here is the direct link to the webcam output. Unfortunately it is copyright, which is the flaw in the whole plan. If anyone does spot a geohasher on camera and take a screenshot, they would need to get permission from Nottingham Travelwise before uploading it here.



I kept half an eye on the cctv yesterday afternoon but i did not see anyone going to the geohash. Never mind, it was a fun idea anyway!