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From Geohashing
Sat 15 Aug 2009 in København:
55.5997355, 12.2830193

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A field outside of Copenhagen.



Does anyone have the text for the Ambassador Letter? I need to translate it into Danish.


The geohash lay only a few kilometres from the train station in Greve, so the Geohashers (thepiguy finally convinced his travel buddy to join him!) set off into the rain on foot. Luckily, the rain stopped fairly soon (thepiguy already had the drowned rat anyway) and the sun even tried to make an appearance. After a few kilometres they reached a forested park area and thepiguy switched from his gps to a google map printout with some hand drawn marks. Everything was going well until they reach the highway. thepiguy swore that the google satellite view had shown a small path underneath the highway, but when they arrived at the location, all they found was a chain fence and 8 lanes of speeding cars. They decided to follow the highway and cross at the next overpass instead.

Safely across the highway, they once again followed the gps as it led them down smaller and smaller road until they arrived at a large driveway to what was, apparently, a trailer park. The coordinates lay on the other end on the property, just a little ways into a field. Not seeing anyone around, they began walking through the trailers towards the field.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" Uh oh! They both turned around to see a women jogging towards them. thepiguy took a deep breath and put on his best Friendly-Canadiantm face. He explained to the woman that they were just playing a game and that all they wanted to do was take a picture on the other end of the property. To thepiguy's relief, she was completely fine with that! Deciding to push his luck he pulled out his hastily translated Danish Ambassador letter and showed it too her. She seemed genuinely interested, said she'd take a look at the wiki, and even let us get a picture with her. If you are reading this: thank you so much Heidi!

After their brief Danish encounter, they quickly proceeded to the coordinates to procure the necessary proof. Success!

On the way back they managed to find the tunnel underneath the highway that they had failed to locate on the journey there, and borrowed an abandoned broken bike for a few minutes through the park (how it managed to support the weight of two Geohashers, they still don't know). They returned to Copenhagen by the local train to enjoy the rest of their weekend.