2009-08-23 -37 145

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Sun 23 Aug 2009 in -37,145:
-37.9003524, 145.0261624

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The Place

On the nature strip of the corner of Bambra Rd and Grey St, Brighton East.


  • Felix Dance: There's no way I can miss this - too convenient. I'll be there at 2pm.
  • myka: will probably head down there for 2pm.



  • checking in from the hash. I had a significant organisation failure, and ended up getting here at 2:20 instead of 2:00, by car rather than by fixed bike. Waited around for 20 minutes or so, but didn't see anyone looking suspicious, so I decided to head off and find something to eat.
  • had a nice late lunch of Tandori Chicken Burger and chips at a cafe on the bay at the end of North road. The parking there was advertising the need for a permission ticket to avoit a fine ticket. I decided to get neither, not wanting to pay for the ample parking availabe, so I forgo having a stroll along the (very windy) bay, and headed home after my meal.


I started out the day with a plan. Having the previous night replaced the bent wheel my bike suffered in an altercation with a car on Friday, I was planning on a lazy morning, a bit of very important shopping, and then a ride out to hopefully finally meet up with someone at the hash. I was looking forward both to trying out my bike (now really is the best condition since I got it, with both wheels replaced in the last week), and also to my first longer ride since the beginning of winter, and the start of the new summer (well spring, at the end of the month, but close enough).

It didn't quite work out. The morning was a little lazier, and the shopping took a little longer than planned, so I ended up late starting, but with just enough time that it I hurried off, and kept up the pace, I could make it shortly after the 2pm meetup. I gathered my things, and headed off.

At the end of the block, I realised that I had left possibly Fergus behind. He is my good luck charm, having only been to 1 missed hash himself (and that one was good for other reasons). I quickly turned back and collected him.

Ready to go, I set off. The bike felt good, and I was able to ride quite satisfactorily as I made my way to the nearest bike path, and set off towards the hash. A little way along the track, after passing a few people, I encountered something I'd rather not encounter on a windy creek shared pedestrian / bike track. A trail-bike coming the other direction. Although they at least were in the correct lane, I thought 'the fools' then 'the great fools' when I noticed they (there were two of them on the motorbike) were not wearing helmets. It was then, as I shook my head to myself, that it hit me...

... actually, I wasn't wearing a helmet either...

Somehow in my rush to leave, I hadn't noticed. well, I was 10 minutes into an already pushing it hour's ride, what could I do? I decided it would be silly to ride on the mostly road route to the hash without a helmet, so I'd just have to go back and get it. Apart from the obvious safety issue (and remembering that I had had an altercation with a car just 2 days previous), I would probably be fined for riding without a helmet as well, given the roads I would be on would be quite full of people out for Sunday shopping and such.

Once again, I turned around and headed back home. I decided that there was no way I could get near the hash on bike by 2pm, it being 1:20pm when I got home again, so I chucked my bike in the back of the car (so I could pull it out and have a ride by the bay near the hash), grabbed my laptop and set off in the car instead. The drive down was uneventful, although I could have picked slightly better roads in places (not being highly familiar with Melbourne) I made decent time. After missing a turn, and resorting to (unmapped) GPS point and follow navigation, I finally made it to the hash at 2:20pm.

It was a pretty uninspiring suburban street corner. I hung around for a while in case Felix made it, checking for hashmarks and so on, and taking a few photos. After half an hour or so, I decided to give up. It was also during this time that I realised that even though I had brought my bike, I was not going to be able to take it for a ride anywhere, because I had completely failed to grab my helmet when I went back to get it.

I decided to console myself by driving down to the bay in any case, so I left a marker attached to an available power pole, and headed off. Down at the bay, at the somewhat secluded feeling (not really, but it somehow felt it) boat ramp, I had a late lunch at a cafe, and at least went for a short wander. However, not wanting to pay for either parking or a parking fine, I didn't extend my wandering too far, and instead headed home before too long.


Felix Dance

Part 2 of a double-hash, see 2009-08-23 -37 146 for all the gory details. I got to the hash at 11:30pm (sorry, a little later than the 2pm as planned).

Felix Dance earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching the (-37, 146) and (-37, 145) geohashes on 2009-08-23.