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Mon 21 Sep 2009 in 46,5:
46.2813320, 5.9599025

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Le Planet, near Grand Crêt in Monts Jura ; about 1550 m high.



Car was left a little under 3 km from the hash (and 650 m lower). It took us about 2.5 h to get to the hash. After a short break that will qualify Elisa for the picnic achievement, it took us another two hours to get back to the car.

So far this is the toughest hash I went to:

  • probably around 18 km/effort
  • *average* slope grade probably 25%
  • I carried Elisa on my shoulders ~20% of the time on the way up and 80% of the way back
  • the paths were not all where the map said they were
  • some paths were materialized only by the (rare) paint marks on the trees
  • the darkness on the way back did not help of course

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