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2009-10-10 41 -72 pond.jpg
Sat 10 Oct 2009 in 41,-72:
41.4970651, -72.3456340

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Off the side of a road in East Haddam, Connecticut


Sara, Sara's Daughter, Sara's Son, Aunt Ruthie


We picked up my sister at the train station, drove from there to East Haddam and parked right near the hashpoint, then walked a few meters into the woods and did a little GPS dance just until we were within GPS accuracy range (We were about 5m from the hashpoint, accuracy was about 6m). We marked the spot with a pile of sticks and the kids climbed around on fallen logs for a few minutes.

Then we drove to Devil's Hopyard State Park, just a few km from the hashpoint. My plan had been to take a little hike there, but as soon as the kids got near the river all they wanted to do was look for fish, wave sticks around in the water, and throw rocks in the water. They could have stayed there all day. I didn't realize how much they could enjoy something so simple. We could barely tear them away from the bank for long enough to walk a couple hundred meters to see the waterfall. We all enjoyed looking at the waterfall, and then walked back to the car.

On the way home, we stopped to see the exterior of Gillette Castle and later had some ice cream at a place in Middletown, CT which had really good ice cream the last time we were there but is now under new management and has okay ice cream.

It was great to see the kids enjoy playing at the river, and I'm grateful to geohashing for bringing us there.


On the Way and at the Haspoint

At Devil's Hopyard State Park