2010-02-01 42 -71

From Geohashing
Mon 1 Feb 2010 in 42,-71:
42.5753114, -71.5009410

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This hash is in Littleton, MA. It's in a small col-de-sac in a rural/suburban residential area.




I'm planning to swing by during lunch with a couple guys from work. We'll be leaving work at 12:13, and should arrive at the hash around 12:30. Probably won't be there for long, but I'll be bringing my ID and PGP public-key info, if anyone else is there and would like to do some keysinging, that'd be awesome.


We arrived right around 12:30, stomped around in the snow for a bit, then headed home (well, back to work). It was uneventful, but a first hash for all three of us! None of us had a camera so no pictures, but it was a beautiful, brisk, sunny day for hashing!