2010-03-12 44 -123

From Geohashing
Fri 12 Mar 2010 in 44,-123:
44.0449015, -123.0250764
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Millrace Park in Springfield, Oregon, south of the western widening of the millrace.




Going to head out to be there at 4:00. Will stay a while. Not particularly expecting anybody else, but hey.


Well, I went because it was close to my home -- and discovered that the nice little pond and stream on the map are very full and flowing fast this time of year -- and there's no bridge to get to the hash from the north side of the stream. The trails that get to stream level are very rudimentary and it would be too hazardous to attempt a crossing even were I physically capable of it.

(Southern access to the hash point is blocked by private property with a high security fence.)

My closest approach was just over 30 meters from the hash point. I seem to have taken any actual tracking software off my Android phone, but the photos I took with it are geotagged. According to those, the closest I got was 44.04518056N, 123.02514444W.

I'll definitely be watching for more hashes that I'll be able to attempt, though!


[None, but see the photos' EXIF tags below.]