2010-03-17 41 -72

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2010-03-17 41 -72 hashfield.jpg
Wed 17 Mar 2010 in 41,-72:
41.9257680, -72.7158954

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In a mowed lot very near the airport in Windsor, CT.


Sara and her son


My son really knows how to enjoy a geohash. As we were walking from our car to the hashpoint, he got interested in a hubcap and a piece of asphalt. He got so excited about finding a good rock that he insisted we take it home, and wouldn't even let me use it to mark the hashpoint.

This hashpoint was in a vacant field in a commercial area. We were there at lunch time on a beautiful day and there were quite a few people walking around the streets. I was too shy to ask them whether there was some kind of organized corporate walking program, but I bet there was. About half of them were wearing green for St. Patrick's Day, by the way.