2010-07-06 52 -2

From Geohashing
Tue 6 Jul 2010 in 52,-2:
52.2452855, -2.1772981

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A field on a farm not far from Junction 6 of the M5, and even less far from the A38.




I set off down the M5 on my bike (first ever time on a motorway on my bike - yay!). Upon reaching Junction 6 I left the motorway and headed for the A38. Eventually I found the farm the hash point was on, parked my bike in a layby on Strand Lane (to the south of the point) and went for a short walk on the farm towards the hash point. Seeing as I don't have a GPS device I had to guess where the spot was, but I can't have been far away. Walking back to the road from the hash point I was mildly concerned by some angry-looking horses, but they didn't prove to be a problem.