2010-07-20 -37 144

From Geohashing
Tue 20 Jul 2010 in -37,144:
-37.8567894, 144.8487759
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In some light vegetation, in Altona Coastal Park, in the inner south western suburbs of Melbourne.



Drive there after an MUMC meeting. Walk a few hundred metres through the grass to the point.


As planned. Stuck Alex's bike in the back of my car, where it got friendly with my bike (still in there from a weekend mountain bike orienteering expedition). Used the geohashing app on Alex's phone to update this page live. The vegetation was very interesting...what looked like grass was actually a sort of very low lying succulent, like pigweed. At one point we had fears that the point would be in swampy wetlands, but it was actually relatively dry. A hundred metres further north would have been a different story.