2010-07-22 47 9

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live from the hash
Thu 22 Jul 2010 in 47,9:
47.1832738, 9.3001400

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Alp Sellamatt, Wildhaus - Alt St. Johann, Toggenburg, Switzerland


Crox, Elisa


We were spending holidays on the northern part of 46, 9. Since the coordinates were within a reasonable distance, the place seemed to be interesting, and a trip was reasonably compatible with our plans, an expedition was setup. (With a geohasher's definition of reasonable of course...)

The distance and other time constraints made us opt to go for a cableway round-trip Alt St. Johann - Alp Sellamatt.

The hash was easily located in the grass, a few dozen meters from the road. We took pictures, left a marker, and proceeded to enjoy the time we had left to spend there. This included free wifi at the restaurant, and hence an initial report (including the webcam picture at the top) was posted from the N810.


Signs with altitude next to the departure station. We went up to 1400m. 
Departure station. The signs there feature two local celebrities: Simon Ammann and Kägi Fret 
Going up. 
Arriving. There is even a hotel (nearly) at the hash. 
coordinates reached 
Elisa and Crox at the hash 
View from the hash. 
The "planning page" was recycled as marker (wiki URL on the reverse). 
Geohash fauna. 
This is a station of the "Klangweg Iltios-Sellamatt": when the ball moves it produces sound. (needs two kids for best results) 
The cableway sells a "Kaffee + Kuchen" ticket which combines the round-trip with coffee and cake...